When I was fourteen my parents bought me my first “real” camera after years of playing with well…any other camera I could find. It was an old Pentax K1000. It was from the 80’s with the real metal body, fully manual, and I LOVED it. I learned everything I know about photography using it. Last month I decided to pull it off of its resting place as a mantle decoration, replace the one tiny little battery, buy some film and see if I still knew what I was doing. I missed the feeling of not knowing if you got the photo. I wondered if I actually knew how to do it without looking at a screen (or load film). I missed waiting to see the photos. The only thing missing from this little project was the wonderful stink of the darkroom chemicals on my fingers! So, here are a few of my favorites from the first roll.

Hailey at the pool just a few days before her new brother arrived…

Baby Robert, only a few hours old in the hospital…

And Miss Layla in the kitchen…

Pentax K1000 / Fujifilm PRO400H / Kodak 400 TMAX



Tonight it hit me. Somewhere between the engagement session with a summer breeze and the two cats fighting outside…summer is here. After our session this evening we headed to Simply Yogurt in Sewickley because it is my new obsession (you get to choose and top your yogurt yourself!). Fat free frozen yogurt with a little bit of cookie dough, strawberries, pineapple, and a little bit of mini chocolate chips…I’m a happy gal.

So here is to another season of Will Smith’s “Summertime” on the radio, the drive in, weddings, laughing kids playing in the alley behind our house, frozen yogurt, and smiles!

There may legitimately be something wrong with me…