new york city in november.

Most amazing city on earth. Each trip is new and wonderful in its own way. When the opportunity to photograph one of my favorite families in the city presenting itself, I was obviously way over excited, doing my usual happy dance. I enlisted my friend Sam to come along for the ride and help out. So on Thanksgiving weekend we headed to New York to take in the sights, shoot, and relax. It worked. New York has a way of rejuvenating me even when I am most burned out and exhausted. These photos won’t be in chronological order.

Our favorite part of our stay was the Nolitan Hotel in Nolita. Unfortunately we only got to stay one of our three nights. If I could change one thing from the trip, it would be to stay at the Nolitan all three nights, without hesitation.From the cozy beds, super friendly staff, amazing design (totally my style), and all of the unique branding touches, this is definitely my new favorite New York hotel.  I can’t wait to go back.  Some Instagram shots of a few of my favorite details…

In the evening we went up to their rooftop deck and took some photos.

You can even borrow skateboards from them. Obviously I opted out because well…I wanted to make it home without any broken bones. But next time, I will definitely partake in some skateboard action.


Another highlight was the Bosie Tea Parlor in the West Village.  We went for Macaron’s and stayed for the wine, chocolate chai tea latte, and the super sweet staff that even offered to charge my dead iPhone. Only in New York.

LOVES (via Instagram):  I might not enjoy Time Square on foot, Time Square by cab (in traffic from dinner) can be pretty.  Kate Spade taxis. Bright lipstick. Shooting. Walking off all the calories.

And some random shots…


So, who else wants to bring me to New York for work :)