WEST COAST | wppi + san francisco

Emma, Jennie and I headed to Las Vegas for WPPI (a photographers conference/expo) at the beginning of March. We stayed in Downtown Vegas and spent our days browsing the floors of the expo.   I made a pretty exciting purchase (announcement coming soon) and spent hours looking at new products to streamline my business, and to offer to our clients.  It was so cool to be surrounded by so many people in the business, and I can’t wait to do it again next year!   After nerding out we rented a convertible and adventured around Vegas. We were lucky enough to be joined by one of our favorite Pittsburgh planners, Melissa of Devoted to You for our adventure to Red Rock Canyon.

After Vegas we tacked on a few days in San Francisco and did all the fun tourist stuff you have to do on your first trip to any city.  Anyone who wants to bring me back to San Fran for a shoot will be my new best friend!

Photos below are a mix of images by Caitlin and Emma. 

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Let’s take it back to 1993 when my first cousin was born.  I was totally obsessed.  Even though we were born four years apart, we always connected.  As we got older we started many childhood business ventures including a magazine, a chocolate business, a kids sales club, and more (the 90’s and early 2000’s were very busy years for us). Shout out to a parents for always supplying the “capital” to start said businesses, and for buying all the product.   Eventually I went to college and started my business in 2008.  Emma went on to high school, and then followed it another creative venture of her own.  One day in the midst of a spin class I said “well you know how to shoot, why don’t you work with me”.  Before long I was teaching her everything I knew.

Emma is young, fun, and absolutely loves shooting senior portraits.  Who would be better to take this side of my business and run with it?! That brings us to today, and today Emma is launching our SENIOR STUDIO!

Go visit her site, send us an inquiry and schedule your session!  If you book your 2016 session before April 15th (for April-October of 2016) you will get $50 off your total package cost!