I have photographed this absolutely adorable family several times over the past SIX years and every time I have more fun! This time I met them on their family trip to Chicago for a little adventure. It was freezing cold, but these amazing kids made the most out of it. We spent a couple of hours adventuring around the city, and ended their trip with a whole bunch of jumping on the hotel bed (an obligatory part of any family vacation).

I adore Chicago, and I can’t wait to go back.

chicago, IL

CHICAGO_family001 CHICAGO_family002 CHICAGO_family003 CHICAGO_family004 CHICAGO_family005 CHICAGO_family006 CHICAGO_family007 CHICAGO_family008 CHICAGO_family009 CHICAGO_family010 CHICAGO_family011 CHICAGO_family012 CHICAGO_family013 CHICAGO_family014 CHICAGO_family015 CHICAGO_family016 CHICAGO_family017 CHICAGO_family018 CHICAGO_family019 CHICAGO_family020 CHICAGO_family021 CHICAGO_family022 CHICAGO_family023 CHICAGO_family024 CHICAGO_family025 CHICAGO_family026 CHICAGO_family027 CHICAGO_family028 CHICAGO_family029 CHICAGO_family030 CHICAGO_family031 CHICAGO_family032 CHICAGO_family033 CHICAGO_family034 CHICAGO_family035

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