Emilie and Gabe were surrounded by incredible energy and happiness on their wedding day.  From the start of their day, when they met on a rooftop surrounded by their friends, to the dance party, Emilie and Gabe were all smiles and laughter. They have the kind of laid back love that makes everyone around them comfortable. Their day was perfect (and it didn’t hurt that my associate photographer Jennifer was a bridesmaid!). THANK YOU Emilie and Gabe! Have an amazing honeymoon!

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venue. Circuit Center and Ballroom, Pittsburgh PA
officiant. – Michael Mykita
dj.  Josh Hallmark of Dahntahn DJs
floral. Carrie Anne Powell
cake. Batter & Dough
hair. Rainy Days Salon
makeup.  the Bride

Thank you to Sam for second shooting, and Emma for assisting. Their images are mixed in above.

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