Last weekend we travelled to New York City so Emma and Suzanne (hair and makeup extraordinaires) could attend the IMATS. We spent the weekend walking around, photographing each other, and shooting an evening session for two incredible people (to be posted later). An amazing weekend.


cait_personal_nyc-2 cait_personal_nyc-4 cait_personal_nyc-6 cait_personal_nyc-11 cait_personal_nyc-13 cait_personal_nyc-19 cait_personal_nyc-21 cait_personal_nyc-22 cait_personal_nyc-30 cait_personal_nyc-32 cait_personal_nyc-34 cait_personal_nyc-39 cait_personal_nyc-42 cait_personal_nyc-48 cait_personal_nyc-60 cait_personal_nyc-64 cait_personal_nyc-68 cait_personal_nyc-77 cait_personal_nyc-81 sam_personal_nyc-42 cait_personal_nyc-82 cait_personal_nyc-83 cait_personal_nyc-84




sam-1 sam-2 sam-4 sam-5 cait_personal_nyc-52 cait_personal_nyc-57 sam-6 sam-7 sam-8

all images shot on canon 5dmkiii’s with 35 1.4l and 50 1.2l lenses.



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