We got married. Everyone knows that by now. Sometimes I still have to step back and realize that all the planning, all the stress, and all of the fun/excitement of our wedding is over. It was the best day of my life, all cheese aside. One of the hardest things about it being over, and I am sure all of my brides can attest to this, is that all the family and friends that surrounded you go back to life.  After your honeymoon, you go back to life too, and then things slowly start to feel normal again.  Getting married is such a crazy natural high, being surrounded by everyone that you love (and having them all there to celebrate YOU), is amazing. Everyone tells you to remember every little moment, but that is impossible, which is why we hire photographers.  But what happens to the little moments leading up to that day, and in the days following, when we no longer have a professional photographing our every move?  Pretty much everyone who knows me has been irritated by my constant snapping of photos on my iPhone.  I have over 3,000 photos in my phone.  I photograph EVERYTHING.  I am so grateful for a nifty little app called Instagram. I captured little moments that I would have forgotten otherwise.  From our seating chart, which now sits on the side of our house waiting to be carted away by the trash men, to my God Daughters glittery fingers (they will never be this small again), and dancing with my college best friend to the mariachi band at our rehearsal dinner. These are all things that might have been brushed away into a corner by the BIG MOMENTS.  Everyone remembers their first kiss, but most of us forget all the little kisses in between.  So, here is a recap of the week leading up to our wedding, the wedding, honeymoon, and our first month married…


In the days leading up to the BIG DAY, we had almost everything done. It was just a matter of packing up the overload of DIY projects that we had done, and getting them ready to go.  On Thursday, all of the girls and I went to get our nails and toes done, when I got home Sam had planned an impromptu surprise bachelorette night for me.  They had a cake, games, and wine. It was perfect. I didn’t want a big night out.  I spent Friday before our rehearsal dinner lounging on the couch with Pria, Hailey (her daughter/my god daughter/flower girl), and my sister.  We went and ate McDonald’s french fries (who does that the day before their wedding?).  On our way to the Opera House to decorate before the rehearsal and dinner, my Dad totaled his car.  Sam, Claire, and I dropped off everything in our cars and headed back to get him.  The whole front end of his car…totally smashed.  The paramedics and tow truck guys helped us take the boxes from my dad’s car, into our cars.  When we got to the Opera House, the guys were stringing lights, and the amazing Christine from Yes We Cater helped us set everything else up (thank goodness for her).  After set up, we rehearsed, and headed to Las Velas in Market Square for our rehearsal dinner.  The mariachi band played, my grandma (and everyone else danced). They had a birthday cake for me, and  Hailey and Olivia sat on my lap, and all of the kids helped me blow out the candles (my birthday was a few days earlier).  It was awesome.  After that Jim and I separated for the night. I went to my Dad’s house for the night along with all of the girls.  My dad had decorated for us, and gotten us crowns and lots of snacks.  I spent the night in the bedroom I grew up in, sharing a bed with my lifelong best friend Pria and Hailey.  And then we woke up…and the day unfolded.  I have so many favorite moments from the day, I didn’t use my iPhone, I trusted Pat Furey with those memories.  From our first look, to the giant fight our entire bridal party had with a random guy in an alleyway screaming about a water bottle someone had set down by his garage, to little Olivia (Jim’s cousin/our flowergirl) sitting on my lap keeping me calm and making sure no one walked into the room before I walked down the aisle.  I even loved that Hailey cried for half of the ceremony.  I loved all of the BIG moments, and I loved that after almost everyone had left, I spun in circles to “Sweet Disposition” to the Temper Trap.   After the wedding, all of our best friends hopped into the limo and headed to the hotel, and we all woke up and had breakfast together.  Then we headed to my Dad’s house and ate leftovers and the guys watched hockey.


On Tuesday, we headed to Florida (Sarasota).  We spent our entire engagement trying to pick a honeymoon spot.  Three weeks before our wedding we decided to use credit card points for a free flight to Sarasota, and spent a week at my grandparents house (that they weren’t using).  It was exactly what we needed after the chaos of the last two months.  Because we didn’t have to pay for much, there was no pressure to do STUFF, we just relaxed.

And then there is life after the wedding.  The life you come home to.  We missed everyone a lot, so naturally we planned a big cookout for Jim’s birthday.  I spent time with my best friends.  I put away wedding gifts. We cooked together. We just enjoyed our last two weeks of pre-wedding season.  And then it was time to get back to work (and the 600+ emails that awaited me).  Emily and Kraig’s wedding was the perfect way to jump back in.  I got back into my workflow of editing and posting, mailing, emailing, ordering, emailing, calling, emailing, shooting, accounting, paying bills.  More than anything, our wedding taught me to treasure the small moments in life.  I cleaned up the buffet that was in our dinning room growing up, instead of buying a new one.  I’ve gone to cousins baseball games, and little brothers track meets. We have done laundry together, and replanted our garden.  I have baked, and watched cartoons with kids.  I’ve gone out to dinner with my best girlfriends, and gone swimming with the family. Oh, and I decluttered our WHOLE house.  90% of junk I have kept that I didn’t really need is GONE.  All of those things helped me kick the post wedding blues, and I am SO excited to be back, and married to my best friend!

The moral of the story…take lots of little pictures. I highly recommend using Instagram.  Human memory isn’t flawless…we forget the things we really should remember.  You can follow me on Instagram at caityth, or see my feed at instagrid.me/caityth.

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