Yesterday morning I walked into her hotel room and there was Lexi amongst a swarm of women getting ready, and it was like she was standing completely still, just taking in the moments (you know those scenes in movies), cool as a cucumber. This was an exciting day for her, and for everyone, but as important as all of the little pieces were to Lexi, the MOST important thing was very obviously just walking down that aisle, and marrying the man she loves…and she did it and followed it up with a fabulous, fun party for all of their family and friends. Lexi and Justin, we couldn’t be happier to call you guys clients, friends, and kinda-sorta-you-grew-up-next-to-Jimmy family.  Best of luck to both of you, and little Landon!  xo

ceremony : st. catherine of sweden
reception : the chadwick
flowers : diane bauer
makeup : jenny labella
DJ : glenn & donna goss
cake : lincoln bakery

Landon came to check Mommy out before she married Daddy! :D I think he approves! You know you are loved when ALL of your bridesmaids burst into tears as soon as the ceremony starts! Justin’s Grandmother couldn’t make it to the party, so the whole family and bridal party stopped by and brought the party to her after the ceremony! So sweet!

And it was time to get the party started!  The candy bar was a big hit!

I have to finish with this, because I crack up every time I see it!



I love my brides!  Kristie and Ron got married in June of 2009 (almost 2 years ago!) so of course I had to get a photo with both of them!

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