One day I got an email from a girl named Margaret. She sounded like the perfect bride. So we tried to pick a day to meet to talk about her wedding. She is a Med student and Eamon has a degree in public health and so their schedules are pretty tight, and then I did it…I totally offered to meet them at 7AM. So with no promise of booking a job, I headed to Squirrel Hill to meet them a little bit earlier than I normally meet clients. After we sat down and talked…I got attached to their wedding day. Now you might think I am totally weird, but when I meet with a couple and I like them…I get attached. I keep my fingers crossed everyday until I hear back from them. It is almost like waiting to be picked for kick ball (“I hope they think I am cool enough*). When I heard back from Margaret and Eamon I, like I have done more than a few times before, did a happy dance (while driving/reading my blackberry…on the New Jersey parkway…safety first kids). Not only had a booked what promises to be a beautiful wedding, but my early meeting had paid off.

Yesterday I met Margaret and Eamon in Oakland to shoot their engagement pictures. They are a gorgeous, fun couple and  I can’t wait for their April wedding! Thank you guys so much! Everyone else…don’t make fun of me for getting attached. :)

Internet, meet Margaret and Eamon…

Margaret told me Eamon was trying to decide which watch to wear.  He wasn’t sure if he should wear the fancier one or the one he wears everyday and loves.  She told him to wear his favorite because it is HIS FAVORITE.  I love it when my clients understand how important those little things are.  Will you look back on your photos in 40 years and notice the “other” watch, or the favorite?

I love the next two photos…

Dear Margaret…you are fabulous. Seriously.  I guess if the whole Doctor thing doesn’t pan out you can be a model…just sayin.

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  1. Ms Thomas,
    I can not be objective being Eamon’s father but your photos are wonderful. Thank you. I am looking forward to meeting you.


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