There is nothing I love more than a free spirit. When I got the chance to photograph Maeve for her 5th birthday, I was really, really excited. Maeve is completely adorable, stylish and is so much fun to photograph and after our session last year with her Mom and Dad, I knew it would be awesome. I hope I was able to capture even a 1/5 of the life in this little girl. She is going to do big things :)

Maeve is into hunting and fishing right now, so we had some fun with it!

Then we headed to Bruster’s for some ice cream! There is something about this photo that I just love. Mom’s wallet, Maeve’s ice cream anticipation. So cute.

5 scoops of ice cream for being 5 years old!

Do I have to eat more?

I have said it before and I will say it again, you don’t have to be in a pretty park for a photo session. All of these photos were shot in behind Bruster’s on Perry Highway. Consider something different and unique for your session :)

After ice cream we headed to a pretty empty parking lot and played with a shopping cart. *DISCLAIMER: No, I do not always play in parking lots with kids. We were on an empty side. It was safe. Promise.* haha

I did not have to pose Maeve once. She does it all on her own :D

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