Hey there!  Spring is HERE and so it is time for a free session contest!  Who is it for this time?  COUPLES.  In love, married, engaged, all types of people in love are invited to participate!

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So add your comment, tell your story (or whine…either way), have your friends and family talk you up in comments, and then be sure to use facebook to your advantage!  Wondering how? Oh good! I was just about to tell you!


Watch our little video!

Cute Couples Contest from Caitlin Thomas on Vimeo.


  • Any couple can enter
  • Must live in Pittsburgh area, be willing to travel here, or pay for travel fees if you live more than one hour from Pittsburgh.
  • If you would like to have a photo added to the judging, email it to caitlin@caitlintphotography.com
  • Deadline is April 1st at Midnight.
  • Winner will be chosen by Sam and I based on number of entries, amount of promoting, and their story.
  • Winner will get a free 60-90 minute session and one free DVD.
  • Winning session must occur between April 10th and May 31st, no exceptions.

Questions? Email caitlin@caitlintphotography.com


  1. Jake and I should win because we have been through A LOT and we continue to give each other hugs and kisses and be totally in love no matter what. We should win because sadly, we have never had professional photos taken, and we would love to have them.

  2. I think Jae and I should win, because we look sooooooo good together!!! lol, of course like other marriages we have our ups and downs, but we stick it out and stay married. We balance each other, I am the meanie, he is the goodie, we take the best pics ever, and when people see them, they are gonna want you to take their pics too!!! Besides, people will be able to see the LOVE in our pics!!!! You won’t regret it if you pick us!!!! YAY!!!

  3. Hi Caitlin! My husband and I would love to get a photo session to celebrate our first anniversary… we had a fantastic wedding day and love our wedding photos, but we forgot a very important part of our family – our pup Rooney! In order to start a tradition of true family photos, it’s only appropriate we get one with her too. Thanks – hope to talk to you soon!

  4. I think me and my boyfriend should win a free session. We became best friends through his sister, broke up, found our way back together and have had our ups and downs, but 3 years later we’re together and happy. Also, we’ve never had the opportunity to have our professional pictures taken, and I think they would look great. Our wonderful personalities would definitely show.

  5. Hey Caitlin! I think Shawna and Brandon should win the free session, they are both good friends of mine and Rons and they have a great loving relationship. They are both a ton of fun and totally in love and you’ll be able to see that as soon as you meet them, they really deserve to have professional pictures taken to capture the love that they share for eachother. Thank you, and I hope they win <3

  6. Shawna and Brandon should definitely get the free session! When you look at them, you can tell they love each other. They’ve been together through thick and thin. They’ve had their ups and downs, but through it all, their love overcame everything. They both are fun people who you would have a blast with!

  7. Jason and I were married nearly one year ago. Due to our lack of funds we have not been able to afford any photos of us together. We had a very small ceremony, nothing formal with just a few photos. Our anniversary is May 12 and I would love to finaly have professional, adorable photos that we can hang around our house and share with people. A house is not a home without any photos. And lets not forgot our adorable dog John Adams who is very much a huge part of our lives. Thank you for your consideration, hope to talk to you soon!

  8. Kayle and Jason should win it. They are the cutest couple ever but they are sad because they have no money to get pictures. Feel bad for them and vote for them because they deserve it the most.

  9. Jason and Kayla are the cutest couple iv ever laid eyes on:) there love burns brighter with every day. they definitely deserve the free session more than anyone! they will always be there for each other through it all. i can see them being that old couple in the park feeding the birds:) they deserve to look back on memories when their older and love each other even more:)please pick Jason and Kayla!!

  10. Our vote is for Kayla and Jason. What a great way to celebrate their first wedding anniversary. It would be cherished and appreciated by them more than you would ever know. They are the Cutest Couple!

  11. Vote Kayla and Jason!. young couple coming up on their first wedding anniversary. It’s a great way to commemorate their blessed year. Also they are the cuttest and have a very small found and cannot afford to celibrate in this way.

  12. Pictures are worth a thousand words and I definitely think Kayla and Jason have volumes to speak through their pictures. This would be a great opportunity for memories that will last a lifetime for them. They should win the cutest couple contest!

  13. I vote for Kayla and Jason. They are super cute together and totally in love. But due too lack of funds they aren’t able to afford photos. Their anniversary is coming up and this would be gret for them!

  14. I vote for Kayla and Jason. They are adorable and they have a 1 year anniversary coming up and this would be perfect. And their amazing Pitbull John Adams, should be in the pic with them!

  15. Kayla and Jason deserve to have cute pictures to commemorate their cuteness! They also deserve a special (and free) anniversary gift.

  16. It would be great if Kayla and Jason could win for their anniversary. Kaya is such a sweet cousin. Lookin’ forward to meeting Jason soon!

  17. Kayla and Jason deserve to have someting nice as this photo package for their 1 yr anniversary. Pls oh pls reward my sweet beautiful daughter and her meathead husband! Thanks, Kayla’s Dad

  18. I am entering myself and Andy :)

    I really think it would be a great gift for our 2 year anniversary and also a great gift for our families this year. We are one of those couples that still laughs, smiles, and shows affection as if every day is our first day of knowing each other.

    We are currently living long distance from each other as we both pursue our different passions and careers, and this would be a great gift for each of us to have professional photos in our separate apartments. We have been living together since meeting each other, which surprises most people since we are still so happy and love on each other the amount that we do. Having professional photos of us together would also greatly help us cope with being apart for so long.

    He has always been one of those guys who wants to bring me to his friends and show me off to them instead of putting his friends first. It’s been the most amazing time in my life, and I’m so thankful to have someone so sweet and caring in my life.

    In our pasts, we have both had difficult relationships and finding each other was a miracle, and one of the best things that Pittsburgh gave to me when I moved here. We would both love some professional photos of us to remember our time together in Pittsburgh. Plus, he loves my pony, and that’s one of the most important things ;)

  19. I’m leaving my vote for Andy an Renee

    Renee has been a great friend for several years and I think she n Andy deserve to win :)

  20. My vote is for my beautiful daughter Kayla and my wonderful son-in law, Jason. They are an adorable couple, full of love and deserve something so great for their anniversary. Please pick them to win, because they are certainly the cutest couple!

  21. I would love to see Kayla and Jason Senecal win! They are a really sweet couple and a lot of fun too! If you ever meet them, you will get a lot of laughs because they have a great sense of humor.

  22. I think Kayla and Jason should win. They are an adorable couple and super funny. Kayla has been a great friend over the years and this would mean a lot to her.

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